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'Origins' Screencaps!

'X-Men Origins: Wolverine' has finally come out on DVD here in the UK, so I've screencapped Victor all the way through! ^_^ To stop computers exploding I've split them into four parts. (I only have Windows Media Player for 'capping so some of them are a bit rough-and-ready.)

Please feel free to take them and use them for imaging purposes, but please credit jackdante. Thank you!

War Montage to the Brig...

Lagos, Nigeria to Bradley's Trailer...

Kayla's Car to Logging Bar Fight...

Scott's School to Three Mile Island...

*is knackered*

Yesterday was the Three Kingdoms LRP where we all ran around the woods in costumes and had sword fights. I'm a combatant now, yay! And the scariest part was I was almost a tank yesterday! There's nothing quite like hurling yourself at people in undead masks whilst snarling and hissing and waving a latex sword around shouting "FOR GORGON!"

There was the usual drink and food in the pub afterwards, then I went home and I was so tired I fell asleep in the bath. Oops.

Me in my bat costume, now with added patchwork armour...Collapse )


I laughed so hard at this. It's an abridged parody script for 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine', found by gracefulrage. LOL'ed? I ROFL'ed!

"The only thing I know for certain is that mom's a slut."


I saw this and I thought of killfalcon.

That's a nice T-shirt...Collapse )

Ha ha, WTF.

A horrible realisation for team_x; I've been watching Series 1 of 'Two and a Half Men' again...

...two brothers, one of them irresponsible and with a string of women under his belt, the other more morally stable...

...WTF, it's Logan, and Victor and Nicky Creed! Okay, so not quite, seeing as Nicky is Victor's kid and not Logan's. But now I find it even more entertaining!


I was browsing b3ta and I found this:

Look! It's a Loganberry! XD


It's been awhile, folks... time for another Biro Doodle Gallery! I drew all of these at my desk at work during lunch breaks or inbetween/during boring phone calls.

Sometimes work gets boring...Collapse )


Phew, another hard day of fangirling. Watched 'Defiance' and 'The Nines' with chinese_lily then watched 'The Omen' by myself and now I'm saving up a bunch of screencaps as well as working on Chapter 4 of Epic!Creedfic. It's that awesome kind of productive where you feel like you've actually achieved something every day. :)

I am also full of caffeine and sugar.